Queens of the Stone Age Make One for the Bad Guys

The desert rockers known as the Queens of the Stone Age have released their seventh album titled Villains through Matador Records. The album kicks off with “Feet Don’t Fail Me” which has a bit of funk to accompany the signature sounds of the Queens. This track also features frontman/guitarist Josh Homme’s voice combined with autotune which blend nicely with the song’s beat and rhythm. The song that paved the way for this album, “The Way You Use To Do” was somewhat refreshing and incredibly ear friendly, also felt borderline Indie in terms of sound, mixing and composition.

The Queens revisit some of their old sounds from Songs for the Deaf and Lullabies to Paralyze with “Domesticated Animals,”“Un-Reborn Again” and the current hit “The Evil Has Landed” which were all good songs and refreshing. It wouldn’t surprise the Klown if either “Domesticated…” or “Un-Reborn…” were to become the next hit. The Klown really enjoyed “Head Like a Haunted House” because the Queens mixed some rockabilly with their style of desert rock and incorporate the Theremin to make that famous spooky sounds you would hear for haunted houses and such.

The album caps off with the rather soothing but upbeat song “Villains of Circumstance,” which featured everything from Homme’s soothing autotuned vocals, Troy Van Leeuwan’s calming guitar riffs with some vibrato and bassist/vox Michael Shuman chiming in with some backup vocals during the chorus. This album was a pretty good listen and perfect for dedicated Queens of the Stone Age fans. You can get a hold of this bad boy here.

5 out of 6, One for the Bad Guys

The Adventures of Galaktikon Continue

Before Ugh Metal was born and Adult Swim attracted metalheads voraciously, the mastermind behind Metalocalypse, Brendan Small, composed, wrote and performed the metal opera known as Galaktikon. If you’re not familiar with Galaktikon, the Klown has got you covered. This tale is about a superhero named Triton who is going through a divorce, and whose nemesis, Beastblade, escapes prison and seduces Triton’s ex. While the hero is trying to stop his enemy, he gets enslaved by space pirates and ultimately unites the rest of the slaves to turn on their masters.

Triton’s odyssey continues with Galaktikon II: Becoming the Storm via Megaforce Records. Triton’s new epic tale can be best described as Dethklok meets Flash Gordon. According to drummer Gene Hoglan, this album was supposed to be a new Dethklok album. Which didn’t surprise the Klown as much considering Small’s performance of Nathan Explosion’s growling vocals with the Dethklok sound being featured on “Some Days Are For Dying,” “Icarus Six Sixty Six,”“My Name Is Murder” and “Become the Storm” just to name a few. Small also features some clean vocals in “Nightmare” and interchanges between harsh and clean in “The Agenda.” To close this out, you will love this if you loved the first Galaktikon, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem or are a fan of Small. You can get your copy of this album here.

6 out of 6, It’s Out of This World!


Akercocke Have Returned with Vengeance for their Latest

The name Akercocke has resurfaced after a ten year hiatus. This British quartet has returned with the long awaited Renaissance in Extremis through Peaceville Records. The album ironically begins with “Disappear” which can be best described as an energetic Himsa mixed with Bolt Thrower, most importantly you know the song meant business when guitarist Paul Scanlan used his awesome speedy riffs to open the song. The song take a prog approach and features frontman/guitarist Jason Mendonça’s growls, deep vocals, and his haunting clean vocals in the middle.

They follow up strongly with “Unbound By Sin” which takes a near-pure approach on prog at first but then switch it up to death metal. Much like the previous track, Mendonça different vocals, however, he reverses the order of his vocals by going clean and harsh exclusively towards the end. “Insentience,” “Familiar” and “Inner Sanctum” took a black/pagan metal approach similar to that of Primordial which can be best described as melodic but extreme with some ghastly melodic vocals to match. “First To Leave the Funeral” was a great song and featured a blend of both black and death metal with prog as an additive for a unique touch. Mendonça plays with his vocals some more in this song by briefly going out of tune with his clean for the chorus.

The frontman will, for the most part, serenade you with “One Chapter Closing for Another to Begin” which can be described as a ballad but with a demon that pops out to remind you that this is still a metal track. No joke. Mendonça busts out some screeching vocals as to say not to get too comfortable luckily for you, it’s towards the end. This album closes with “A Particularly Cold September” which mixes prog with goth and adds some blackened thrash in between. This track also features a great and melodic solo from Scalan which can put Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt in awe.

This was all over the place but was enjoyable and offered a little bit of everything to the faithful and the potential. You can totally check it out on Peaceville’s Youtube page or you can take the plunge here.

6 out of 6, The Ten Year Itch has Been Soothed

Dagoba Show Their Might with Their Latest Release

The French Industrial band Dagoba has returned and didn’t hold back the punches for Black Nova which has emerged through Century Media Records. Dagoba bring in the type of Industrial that is reminiscent with Dawn Of Ashes. “Inner Sun” starts out with some industrial by incorporating some samples, electronic mixes and synthesizers combined with some good ol’ fashioned metal. This song features Pierre “Shawter” Maille’s ever changing vocals which go from harsh, screaming, clean and soothingly harmonic vocals to accompany the chorus. Dagoba really give a dose of melodic death metal similar to that of Dark Tranquility and The Haunted with “The Legacy of Ares,”“Stone Ocean” and “Lost Gravity.”

“The Infinite Chase” take a straight industrial metal approach with a somewhat melodic influences and add some electronic and synth samples. Remember the Dawn Of Ashes comparison? Dagoba take a nearly identical approach to their sounds with “The Grand Emptiness” and “Fire Dies.” If you happen to get a chance to listen to this album on Spotify or buy the CD book version, you’re treated to demo versions of “Inner Sun” and “The Legacy of Ares” which sounds just as good, if not a bit better, than the final mixed versions on the album. Speaking of buying you can get a hold of this bad boy here.

6 out of 6, S’il vous plaît Monsieurs, avez-vous un peu plus?

The Haunted Show You That United We Stand

Although The Haunted may not be one of the founding fathers from the famous Gothenburg metal scene, they are still one of the moset underrated forerunners of that brand. 2 years after Exit Wounds, they return with their ninth album Strength in Numbers released through Century Media Records.

The album builds a hype with the intro “Fill The Darkness With Black” and unload with “Brute Force,” which the Klown has to say is the perfect title of the song. The song immediately begins with Adrian Erlandsson’s fast drumming which catalyze Marco Aro’s growls. “Spark” will continue to do just that, the song can also be described as such because if the beginning doesn’t light your interest than the rest of the song shall set your ears ablaze.

Although “Preachers of Death” has a slow beginning due to Erlandsson’s drumming, Ola Englund has his time to shine. At the beginning, Englund’s riffs immediately accompany the drumming, and midway he performs a killer guitar solo and finishes with some slow, melodic guitar riffs. “Tighten the Noose,”“This Is The End” and “The Fall” has the band revisiting the Made Me Do It and the self-titled album sounds and includes growling vocals, guitar solos and a little less melodic. The band turns metalcore with “Means to an End,” and the awesome guitar solos, the rhythm and melody of Jonas Björler’s bass, and Patrik Jensen’s rhythmic guitar combined with Aro’s growling vocals made the song seem like an anthem for the masses.

As you can see, the Klown clearly enjoyed this album and if it wasn’t evident enough, he just practically almost named every song. Yes, this album is good especially if you love The Haunted or are big Swedcore fan. You can totally take the Klown’s word for it and get the album here or you can check out through whatever streaming service you got.

6 out of 6, This Album Will Empower Us!

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