Myrkur’s latest will have raised the dead from their Mausoleum

Black metal goddess Amalie Bruun has returned with a new EP through Relapse Record. Ugh Metal had a hell of a treat witnessing this badass Dane open for Behemoth at the Observatory OC, on May 7th (feel free to check it out and read that article… just saying). Mausoleum has a diehard throwback gothic/black metal element with a twist of classical piano, superb choir support and ghostly vocals. The track “Den Lille Piges Død” is a good example of it and the song title roughly translates in to “shut up and listen anyway!” …It doesn’t really mean that, it actually translates to the super metal “The Little Dead Pigs”… or does it? Of course, the cherry on top and the piece-de-resistance, is the track “Song to Hall Up High” on paper, it does not sound very metal but in actuality this album, Bruun’s angelic voice can summon Lucifer himself to do her bidding. If you haven’t checked her before, this is a good album to get a move on.

6 out of 6, LEGENDARY!

myrkur mausoleum

Myrkur’s enchanting cover for latest EP Mausoleum

Sabaton’s Last Stand proves effective

A little over 2 years and 3 months from their last album, Sabaton have returned with their latest album Last Stand. Just like their previous album Heroes, though this one is also a concept album its theme focuses on the bigger picture and pays homage to famous last stands in history. For the 300 aficionados that are still out there, their opening track “Sparta” was about the Battle of Thermopylae and infamous Spartans last stand against the Persian forces. These Swedes also salute the US Army 77th Division with “The Lost Battalion,” which was also another name used for this division due to their valiant and sacrificial effort these soldiers gave during the WWI. ‘MERICUH! Anyway, to cap this off metal heads that have a thirst for epic songs about sacrifices, glory will really enjoy this album a lot and will satisfy the history buff in everyone.

6 out of 6, LEGENDARY, Just like ‘MERICUH!

sabaton the lasts stand

Epic artwork for Sabaton’s latest homage to fallen heroes “The Last Stand”

Soilwork Resonates Some Life

Soilwork has released a new album titled Death Resonance. Truth be told, I didn’t know what to expect until I heard it. This new album introduces two great new tracks in to the mix such as “Helsinki” and “Death Resonance.”  “Death Resonance” is not only a pretty good track but it will be a song fans will appreciate because they invoke the old Swedish extreme metal sound. “Helsinki” on the other hand, may have been another good track but it felt more like a creative leftover they had going from The Ride Majestic. Diehard Soilwork fans will definitely love this album a lot more than the casual metal head. In regards to the casual metal head, it is an album to make one into a Soilwork fan. This album features, not only extra tracks that were exclusive to Japanese releases but also a reintroduction of their 2014 EP Beyond the Infinite.

5 out of 6

soilwork death-resonance

Soilwork’s artistically bad ass cover for Death Resonance

Ruines ov Abaddon Gave Chaos A Rebirth

Local black metal crusaders Ruines ov Abaddon, debuted their EP Chaos Reborn on August 20th. Chaos Reborn is a bit of a throwback with a modern twist, unleashing a late 90’s and an early 2000’s versions of the Black Metal sound. “Tongue ov the Lamb” invokes Dimmu’s Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia indistinguishable sound. “Destroyer” is a great throwback to the early Norwegian Black Metal style, you know like when they first sounded like shit in the beginning on purpose, good times! The adrenaline oozing from “Attack” will make that itch to tear shit up and burn a few churches insatiable especially because it mimics the sound of founding member of Immortal, Demonaz and the black metal super group, I. The heaviness of this EP is well balanced with the wickedly talented keyboardist Cassie Morris. If you’re kvlt AF, definitely worth to keep an ear open.

6 out of 6, Legendary Locals


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