Finding T.H.E.T.I.S. Debut their EP

Remember that time the Klown talked about Finding T.H.E.T.I.S. in our First Impression section? You didn’t?! Why don’t check that out when you have the chance. Y’know to get yourself better acquainted with our alumni. In the meantime, here’s an update on our FIA, they have released a full EP for your enjoyment! Now adding to their CV is Metávasi EP which was released independently.

The band kicks off with “Valkyrie” which give you some raw sounding metal which was borderline hard rock. The Klown will also note that he at first thought he was listening to an early Burn The Priest (a.k.a. Lamb Of God) demo. Aside from what was mentioned they managed to include a female vocalist by the name of Syren Franco into the mix to add a softer touch to that of Andy Chavez’s screaming vocals. The Klown can say the same about the follow up “Crawl” with the exception of Franco taking an Alanis Morissette/ (the late) Dolores O’Riordan vocal style.

Speaking of Franco, “Pleasantries” would feature a role reversal with her at the helm and Chavez serving as the backup. The album finishes how it began with “Aries” only with a bit more oomph and Bryce Guiliani adding some groovy bass during a brief a vocal solo from Franco. The song also features a voiceover playback accompanied with Franco’s soft chorus. This Klown will say that this collective turned a complete 180 than what he had heard the first time when he was working on their First Impressions profile. The addition of a female vocalist feels a bit a refreshing and kind of fresh.

With that in mind, this album seems to be a new start for the quintet. It features New Wave of American Heavy Metal sounds mixed with groove metals. On top of that, the addition of punk style influences from the like of The Cranberries. The Klown would definitely recommend this album for fans of Lamb Of God, Code Orange, Eths and Cane Hill. Not feeling convinced yet? Check’em out in their Bandcamp and get it there right after.

4 out of 6 They Have Only Just Begun!

The New Look of Harmonic Theories

Underoath Return for the Kids

Hey, remember the time Underoath broke up about 4 years back? Yeah, the Klown doesn’t either. Nevertheless, scene kids at heart, rejoice, for the collective known as Underoath have now reached back into 2006 and mustered a new album just for you! For those who never kept up with Underoath or just lost track of them, this is their eighth album. The latest one is titled Erase Me and it was released through Fearless Records.

The album begins with the appropriately titled “It Has to Start Somewhere.” Which begins with some drowning electronic drumming from Aaron Gillespie and sample/keyboarding courtesy of Christopher Dudley. It is then met up with some alternative hard rock style guitar riffs that are then accompanied by Spencer Chamberlain’s unmistakable vocals. It is then followed by the samples and programming heavy track “Rapture,” which featured Chamberlain’s clean vocals as opposed to any variation of harsh vocals. “On My Teeth” features the same as the prior but more tempo and anger. In fact, it’s the first time, as far as the Klown knows, that the group demonstrated any form of profanity. “Wake Me” and “Bloodlust” are definitely songs for the scenester at heart as they revisit some of the old sounds and tones.

Remember how the Klown brought up the aggressive take with some profanity, they do it again back with “ihateit” and “Hold Your Breath.” While “ihateit” maybe softer and sentimental, “Hold Your Breath” gives you angst and speed and borderlines, briefly in the beginning, industrial and features Chamberlain range his screaming vocals with some clean. They end the album with the Klown’s mantra when he doesn’t want to continue things, “I Give Up.” Unlike the majority of the tracks, this one takes an ambient approach and pairs it with their signature sounds of rock and has Chamberlain singing cleanly.

If you were that devoted scene kid at heart after nearly 20 years of the trend dying, congratulations, you can relive those days again. As for the Christian listeners, the Klown doesn’t know what the feelings may be regarding some of the gruff but Underoath is still politically correct in terms of language. Y’all know how it is when you’re venting. Anyway, for those who haven’t listened to before but have interest, the Klown says that he recommends it for fans of Norma Jean, Greyhaven, Of Mice and Men and Toothgrinder. Need to hear before you buy? Check it out on whatever streaming service you feel compliant or just get it here.

5 out of 6  2008 Has Made a Comeback

Bringing Back the Days if the Scene Kids

Requiem Have Emerged from Down Under

The name Requiem seems to be a popular name in the land of Oz. But don’t worry peeps, the Klown figured out which Requiem he’s talking about. Hailing from Ararat, Victoria, Australia is the thrash quartet known as Requiem. The gnarly part of this ordeal is that they met the Ugh Metal kink of being an independent artist! The other cool part is that the Klown caught a whiff of their debut studio album titled And the Earth Grew Dark.

The album begins rather epically with “Divinity.” It opens faintly with an opening guitar solo before settling in with the rhythm guitar and Aaron Dunks drumming. After the all sweet play, you get treated to really aggressive and fast thrash metal which gives us more awesome guitar solos. Although the track is trash, frontman/guitarist Zacharie Dunks vocals are reminiscent to that of Exodus’s own Steve Souza.

The Klown can definitely say the same about the following track “Absence ov Faith” and “Blackened Water.” “Absence ov Faith” lacks several guitar solos but Tom Hainsworth ‘s bass stands out a lot while “Blackened Water” contains solos but not as much as “Divinity.” “Maelstrom” shows a more aggressive of the band and has plenty of blackened thrash metal similar to the likes of Witchery or Necrophobic and features some awesome guitar solos.

The album capped off the way it began, epically with its title track “And The Earth Grew Dark.” Unlike “Divinity,”  this one was the longest track of the album by clocking in at 9 secs after 8. This album was a good debut and definitely had a bite to it. If you really love thrash definitely a must especially if you are a fan of Exodus, Witchery, Necrophobic, Dust Bolt. Need more convincing? Check out their Bandcamp, take a good listen and, if you like it, get it there.

6 out of 6 Your High-Top Nikes Will Still Be Whiter than the Earth

The Over the Top Album for some Down Under Thrash

Kamelot Give Light to their Brand-New Darkness

Kamelot, now that’s a power metal group that Ugh Metal has had the chance to see live. Of course, it was B.U.M. (Before Ugh Metal, not the type of homeless person or a butt). Ever since Roy Kahn left the group 7 years ago, Tommy Karevik has done a swell job filling in that void that was left behind. Although this might be Karevik’s third album with the group, The Shadow Theory is Kamelot’s 12th installment and it was released through Napalm Records.

The band begins their contemporary with the orchestral arrangements and keys of Oliver Palotai’s intro “The Mission” which then beautifully transitions to “Phantom Divine (The Shadow Empire).” The “Phantom Divine” more or less revisits the sounds that were back in the 2012 Silverthorn combined with the 2007 Ghost Opera album. The complexity of sounds and theatrics is what yours truly is getting at with the added bonus of Once Human’s Lauren Hart lending her vocals to create a dark duet with Karevik. Hart would make another appearance in “MindFall Remedy.” Speaking of duets “In Twilight Hours” features Beyond the Black’s Jennifer Haben pairing her voice with that of Karevik for the power ballad.

Guitarist Thomas Youngblood also swoops in “In Twilight Hours” and chimes in a killer solo before the song ends. “Burns to Embrace” takes a tender approach while maintaining the symphonic power metal approach and has Palotai and Youngblood share the spotlight with their respective solos. The song includes a children’s chorus which surprisingly adds and doesn’t deter the song in any way. “Static” was much heavy with the classical strings and keyboards but still remained heavy throughout.

“Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)” features a lot less orchestrations and has Kamelot become a predominantly power metal where Youngblood shreds away in a cool but long solo. “The Proud and The Broken” featurs the usual Kamelot M.O. and has a guest appearance from the power metal magician known as Sacha Paeth on growling vocal duties. The album ends with an outro titled “Ministrium (Shadow Key).”

If you happened to get the bonus CD you only get the instrumental version of the album and an extra song titled “The Last Day of Sunlight.” To keep it short, you love orchestrations, power metal and/or Kamelot? Then it is a must for you. Still skeptic or want to see what the hoopla is all about? Check out your streaming service or just get the regular disc through Bandcamp.

6 out of 6 Serenading Your Shadow into Serenity

No Theories Just Facts

*The dishonorable Judge Jenny Oh Will Throw in her 2 cents*

Mini Missed Trails: March 30

We Will Wanna Dive Deep In To Trenches Debut

We happily descend deep in to the black metal recesses down under with the quartet Trenches. The elusive black metallers released their self titled debut via Voirloup Productions and it is to die for! Lets go deeper in to this fresh debut baby!

“Sin Cannon” bombards listeners with what’s to come and slowly rolls in to the vicious “Nameless Death” which will reap your doubts and fuel your lust for this album. If you’re feeling a little frigid, that  intro from guitarist Cock Goblin will melt away your skepticism because its so damn irresistible. “Satan Beckons” changes the tempo a bit and morphs it into a track that slowly crawls out of the gates of hell, major screeching points to vocalist Hellwitch.

Trenches ain’t all about them delicious growls and provide us with the tamer instrumental “Cursed Necro Threnody” which has a narration by vocalist Hellwitch once the music fades. The infectious intro by “The Valley Of Flesh” pierces the silence left by the chant that lingers in the air and it’s bloody great much like the “Gates of Hell.”

This album is a sinful delight and a great first offering from this quartet. You will find yourself replaying this bad boy a few times and will have you be a giddy as yours truly to see what they will craft next. Check out their album in their bandcamp and get hooked!

6 out of 6, Hails Trenches!

We Join Primordial In Their Latest ‘Exile’

We travel deep into the arms Primordial’s latest Exile Amongst The Ruins which was released via Metal Blade Records. This banishment is not like our previous ones, and is a pleasant one filled with the legendary quintet’s signature extreme metal hymns. The album opens strongly with the theatrical “Nail Their Tongues” which has a great impending sense of direness. Another cool thing about this song is that it has a hell of a brisk tempo from the collective. And just like that, the rapid persistence of this ensemble abruptly seized to be and sent us straight “To Hell Or The Hangman.” We’ve never been so happy to cross over to the other side especially if it means hearing “Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed” which is a passionate hymn that any one can appreciate and the cherry on top is the instrumentals, especially  that slow build up a little over the halfway mark.

The title track‘s slower disposition showcases the musicianship of these lads and will allow us to drink in A.A. Nemtheanga’s interchanging vocal range. “Stolen Years” pierced through the thicc ice barrier that safely guards my blood pumping muscle known scientifically as a heart? Yep that totally happened damn, Primordial 😉 Primordial make their “Last Call” worth your while, 10 minutes and 32 seconds to be exact! The final chapter in this saga will envelop the listener in the vast array of emotions Nemtheanga conveys and reflects on this journey of blood and power as he treads away in to the sunrise.

This Exile was everything we wanted and more. This album will satisfy any Primordial fan and then some! Primordial continue to show off their storytelling prowess and expertly blend them with their amazing musicianship. You can listen to the whole album on Spotify and be sure to get your album here!   

6 out of 6, Sweet ‘Exile’

Hellfire Deathcult  Declare War In Sophomore LP 

Fresh out of the furnace of hell is none other than Hellfire Deathcult latest album Black Death Terroristic Onslaught  which was conjured up via Deathrune Records. Their sophomore album comes only two years after their debut full length, yes these beasts are yearning to melt our faces off and lap up the puddly mess! Exactly how? Well ditch your agua bendita because that won’t be useful where we’re going.

Hellfire Deathcult set the tone for all hellish things to come with their faintly synthy intro before flinging us in to the unforgiving “Holocaustic Warfront” and into the tar black fallout of “Satanic Nuclear Devastation.” If you survive the nuclear meltdown of the infernal kind, rise with Hellfire Deathcult in “Baptized By Hellfire” in which vocalist Reyes “Perverse Ritual Necromancer”  Perez appropriately unleashes his inner demon to take over this track and blends in nicely with the pandemonium.

“Death Conquers All” even our decaying hearts especially after we get served up a swift drumming dose from Warhammer Sodomizer. Careful! This tempo will slap you silly. “Hellstrom Chaos Batallion” has a bit of a grand entrance with an enthralling riff from none other than Apolcalyptic Genocidal Desecrator duh! This track is ready to devour any kind of invasion! “Bloodlust Ritual” is another track that will grab your attention with Perez’s guttural growl and the instrumental chaos that follows, ah yeah it’s that kind of party. This album prepares for its final battle and offers a great penultimate wave of more brutality in “Anti God Kommando” before they celebrate with “Triumphant Death March” which ends in a bigger bang than you could imagine.

Hellfire Deathcult is not for the faint of heart but if you are ready to enter this fresh new hell then open yourselves and get ready to receive. This LP is done stalking its unsuspecting prey and is ready to go in for the kill, though some tracks do retain those intros and build up that will be hard to resist. You can listen to the whole album on Spotify and if you wanna pledge your allegiance to this legion get your copy here.  And check out what we thought of them we saw ’em live here and get see what the Klown thought of their debut LP here!   

4 out of 6, Fresh new hell

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