Note: So… once again the world has gone mad, specifically in Paris. The Klown hopes that all his peeps in Paris are doing okay. Let us spread some love and metal and not hate.

Disorder Bring Out Its Third

So… are you still on a Hispanic metal high after the Brujeria’s last album? Well, you are in luck! The death metal band from El Salvador known as Disorder can fill that void with Fuego Negro which came out through Morbid Skull Records. Right from the beginning “Carroñeros de Justicia” gives you some thrash similar to that of Slayer but angrier and harsher on the vocals and in Español! “Bajo El Yugo De La Ignorancia,”“333” and “Tiempos Violentos” has the band, especially front man Jorge “MQ” Montesino, tap into the spirit of Death and will make you feel like you’re blasting lost Death tracks that were re-sung in Spanish. The last track of the album “Fuego Negro” sounded more like if Obituary had collaborated with Schuldiner. This album was the tits and it will definitely be worth getting your ears on this.

6 out of 6, Schuldiner Is Proud!

Night Demon Shines In Its Sophomore Release

The Californian trio known as Night Demon has returned with its latest release Darkness Remains through Steamhammer Records. The Klown rather enjoyed this album for the band’s ability to bring back a vintage sound parallel to the pioneering sounds of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. “Welcome to the Night” was a good starter and a great example as well as “Dawn Rider” to support the Klown’s claim. The Klown took a liking to “Maiden Hell” and “Stranger in the Room” because it reminded him of the underrated 80’s band Tesla during their Mechanical Resonance and The Great Radio Controversy fame. Both songs were not only harmonic but also feature guitar solos from Armand Anthony which were reminiscent to that of Tesla’s Frank Hannon’s guitar solos.

“Black Widow” was also a good track and features some sounds of the Glam rock scene but not of the sleazy variety but more like Ratt and Skid Row. “On Your Own” was not only a pretty catchy tune but seemed like a lost montage for an 80’s flick. “Darkness Remains” is the power ballad for the softies and the ladies, and features front man/bassist Jarvis Leatherby singing in auto tune but not as annoying or overdone like other artists tend to do. Lastly, the trio covers an all time stadium favorite, Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” as much as the Klown enjoyed the track he still enjoys the original far more. Don’t get the Klown wrong, it just seemed impossible for the Klown not to envision the legendary Freddy Mercury helming this song. The Klown definitely recommends this album for those who are feeling nostalgic or want a new take on a classic sound.

5 out of 6, Walk On Down Memory Lane

Artificial Brain Bring the Technical into their Newest Album

The New Yorker sextet known as Artificial Brain has released their sophomore album Infrared Horizon through Profound Lore Records. The group starts out very strong with “Floating in Delirium.” However, the band really defines the technical with “Synthesized Instinct” with really powerful guitar riffs, drumming, and sounds similar to an out of tune guitar setting the tone for some pretty unique creativeness. “Infrared Horizon” also has something similar to the latter as far as experimental guitar playing goes, making it a good track.

“Anchored To The Inlayed Arc” and “Vacant Explorer” were pretty awesome and had the Klown wondering how Immolation would have sounded like if they took up technical death metal? The answer to that nonexistent question was adding one more guitarist to the quartet as an added measure. “Graveyard of Lightless Planets” not only sounds like something from a horror Sci-Fi medium but adds some prog undertones and mixed it with death metal making it a cool and interesting song. The Klown didn’t know what to expect from this album to begin with. After all, some technical death metal (now in days) has expanded and have some EDM influences incorporated. This album was pretty bitchin’ and you can check it out on label’s bandcamp.

6 out of 6, AI Has a Soundtrack Now!

Ghost Bath Release a Celestial Piece

The Chinese North Dakotan quintet known as Ghost Bath have surfaced with their third album Starmourner through Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Unlike most black metal bands, this quintet not only is instrumental but also atmospheric. The album commences with the soothing, classical piano introduction “Astral” and smoothly transitions to “Seraphic,” which ironically has that ending credits feel for a horror flick with a feel good ending. “Seraphic” also featured faint ghostly wails and screams to remind you of the ghost part from Ghost Bath and would be among a handful of songs that would feature those types of vocals.

Although the band is classified as depressive black metal, “Celestial” throw a 180 to the depressive banner by expressing joy, even though this track includes faint ghostly wails, screams and choking. Towards the end of the track, the song returned to a rather melancholic state with a distorted piano and an atmospheric electronic sound.

“Angelic” lived up to its name and is rather soft on these ears which can be best described as some friendly and atmospheric music. “Luminescence” and “Elysian” felt more like doom than black metal which was rather nice and gave the Klown an inspirational feeling. “Thrones” and “Principalities” give you some true black metal sounds similar to that of Black Anvil’s. Lastly, “Ode” closes the album like it began by giving you some piano. Unlike “Astral,” “Ode” incorporates a variety of instruments including some house drums, synthesizers and chimes, before creating a gentle ending with some xylophones and classical strings.

6 out of 6, It’s to Die For!

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