Anarchist Wolves Breakthrough the Barricades with EP

Quickly, can you name other cool things and people that came outta New Mexico that doesn’t have anything to do with Breaking Bad or its universe, their peppers or our bestie Corey Pino? If Anarchist Wolves wasn’t one of them, then you need to expand your music tastes. Luckily, in the Klown’s search to satiate his independent act fetish he stumbled on this one-man act . The latest in this group’s collection is an EP titled To The Barricades. Did the Klown mention that it’s independent?

The album kicks off with “Hands/Arms” and right from the opening riff, the lone member, Wolf Boy, gives you a full dose of raw black metal. Y’know when the sounds of black metal were to intentionally sound like shit? For those reading this and are unsure, that’s supposed to be a good thing since that’s how the trve like it. Part of the throwback sounds include punk influences starting with speed and vocals that contained some reverb. However, “To the Barricades” and “Black Flags” are just a few of those tracks to really embody that while being kept within the minute mark.

“Night” not only continues to incorporate the punk sounds that old school Norwegian black metal started out with but it will definitely make you reminisce about legendary pioneers such as Darkthrone. The album caps off with “Dawn” which was an instrumental that starts out rather slow and remains so, up until the last 30 seconds of the song. This album was pretty good and is definitely one for those who love the sounds of raw black metal. The Klown recommends this for fans of Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Midnight and Black Mass Perverter. You can check this album on Anarchist Wolves’ Bandcamp and hear for yourself.

5 out of 6 Unleash the Wolves!

Ghostblood Raise Will Raise Your Metal Spirit

And… the Ugh Metal fetish continues! Don’t judge, we all have our kinks. Some people enjoy coprophilia, others are into partialism, we like the unsung heroes of shows: the independent bands. In this case, Ghostblood are a bunch of Seattleites that give you the gift of thrash metal with some heavy death metal overtones. Now, they bring that gift back in the form of their sophomore album titled Honey, I Raised the Dead.

The album begins with a humorous soundbite intro of a man who sounds like comedian Brian Posehn doing some work with a power drill which is immediately joined by some instrumentals by the band with Adam’s growling vocals. It is immediately followed by “Necroplasm” which continue the noise left behind in the previous track and features two awesome guitar solos by Arlo. They go full death metal with “Bludgeoned by Bone, B.C. (The Wrath of Garg)” which also features a killer solo from Arlo. While Gwar may have “Slaughterama,” Ghostblood has “Eviscerama.” In the spirit of everyone’s favorite Creepsylvanians, the trio treat us to the death metal romps of “Smokin’ Brains,” “Bleeding Frenzy (In Space)” and “Skull Mountain of Skulls.” Both of which Adam’s bass totally highlights the erratic foundations of the songs.

The band even dedicated one to yours truly with “Dawn of the Drunk,” which was more death metal awesomeness but with minimal vocals. The band finished the album the way it began, minus the soundbites, with death metal instrumentals and some growling vocals added in between. If you don’t mind humor and tongue-in-cheek lyrics than this is an album to get. The Klown liked this album and recommends it to fans of Ghoul, Austrian Death Machine, Psychostick and Gwar. Lastly, if you wanted to know what the hoopla is all about, check out the Ghostblood’s Bandcamp to get your dose of ghost metal for a listen and to acquire.

6 out of 6 Yes, Virginia Ghosts Bleed

Melvins Are Back Again

Man… the Klown wasn’t expecting to see the Melvins back so soon. Don’t misconstrue that sentence. It’s not often a band releases a follow up to their previous album the following year. So naturally the Klown was going to check this baby out! The contemporary is titled Pinkus Abortion Technician and it was released through Ipecac Recordings. The title of this album is rather interesting due to the fact that Jeff Pinkus of the Butthole Surfer had a lot to do with this album. On that note, especially if you are a big Butthole Surfer fan, it also references the Butthole’s third album Locust Abortion Technician.

This latest opens with one of Pinkus’s songs “Stop Moving to Florida.” Which actually sounds like something that came out of a Butthole Surfer’s album combined with, as the band so happens to describe as, the James Gang which becomes completely apparent by the second half of the song. The following track, “Embrace the Rub” definitely takes the Butthole Surfer style of punk rock. Both “Don’t Forget to Breathe” and “Flamboyant Duck” take you back to sounds of old school indie (take your pick) and combine it with that of the sounds of hard rock.

“Break Bread” will bring out your inner 90’s kid as the song is heavily laden with grunge. Speaking of grunge, the Melvins cover The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in grunge version which sounded pretty bitchin’. The contemporary album finishes with “Grave Yard” which take a hard rock approach with the garage rock style to make an interesting ending for the punk induced album. The Klown enjoyed this album a lot more than he thought. In true Melvins style, the band experimented but did a throwback to the sounds that saw them alongside Nirvana, Tad and Soundgarden and combined it with punk. You can check this puppy out in the Melvins’ Bandcamp.

6 out of 6 The Geniuses Continue to Work

Pennywise Can’t Be Killed

The sub header is clearly an understatement for the Klown. The Klown’s deity can never be killed! Praise IT! But, knowing you, plebes, you “don’t have time” to talk about Pennywise from IT. So… let’s talk about Pennywise the band. One of the undisputed kings of the SoCal punk scene have returned with their 12th album. The latest one is titled after our beloved genres’ mantra, Never Gonna Die and it was released through Epitaph Records.

The album initiates with the title of the namesake album. It starts out slow down and immediately picks up with Fletcher Dragge’s guitar and Byron McMackin’s drumming. The collective also feed you lies of the apple pie variety with “American Lies.” Not only does “American Lies” really emphasize a piece of current Americana but it also features Randy Bradbury’s bass. The band pick up the speed even more with “Live While You Can” and “We Set Fire.” Ever had crazy experience with a girl? Pennywise apparently did too and wrote “She Said” for our amusement.

“Goodbye Bad Times” was a combo of slow and fast. The song was not only mellow but it also features a solo from Dragge. The album finishes with the appropriately titled “Something New” which ended the album the way it began, slow with an instant pick up on speed. Plain and simple, without having to dissect the entire album, this contemporary was great! If you are a punker at heart or really fancy the SoCal punk scene then this is a must-have. Still not convinced from the Klown’s words, check it out in your streaming service of choice. Convinced by the Klown or liked what you heard after streaming? Get it here.

6 out of 6 Punk’s Never Gonna Die, Man!

*Uh oh! Here’s Jenny Oh with her 2 cents again!*

A Perfect Circle “Eat” Their Feelings

Maynard James Keenan may not have delivered that long awaited Tool album yet but at least he has given us a new A Perfect Circle album to sedate those Tool shakes. Keenan and the rest of APC get in touch with their sentimental side and let their hair down in Eat The Elephant which was served through BMG Recordings.
The title track eases us in to this album and has a lot of great use of its instrumentals. The album keeps the smooth ball rolling will make you feel the power of “Disillusioned” which is a track that will cradle you to sleep as you let your tears fall because you will feel like you’re in a sad music video. Oh come on! Don’t tell me you don’t pretend you’re in a sad music video and/ or an Usher vid especially if it’s raining? Suit yourself liar. “So Long, And Thanks For The Fish” has a nice satirical attitude that yours truly loves and can fool the untrained simpleton that this is a happy-go-lucky ode.

“TalkTalk” gives us a tinge of the edgier and anguished version of A Perfect Circle that our angsty selves liked so much in early 2000’s, it’s nice to see you again! Props to the nice little score “By And Down By The River” and one can really savor Maynard’s diverse vocal range. In “Hourglass” APC really let loose and not only add some autotune in to the mix but they drop the bass with some good ol’ electronic influences, if that unnerves you a little, chill! It’s a track that will intrigue you and ultimately hype you.
Eat The Elephant is a different type of album, if you’re expecting a “typical” A Perfect Circle album well this isn’t it BUT that is not a bad thing. This record has a soulful, and real approach and is more tamer than their previous records which can be a hit or miss with fans. You can see what is up and listen to it on Spotify and if you’re feeling it, get your copy here.

3.8 out 6, still good though

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