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Carpathian Forest End Silence with EP

Hey, look who emerged and has graced our page! Carpathian Forest is just as legendary as the Klown’s chugging records. Sure, they may not have been on the same exact time as Mayhem, Darkthrone and Satyricon but they are just influential and renowned like the former. Most importantly, signs of life have emerged from the woodwork and has quelled any desires for a new album from the band. So, with that said, after a 12-year hiatus, Carpathian Forest presents Likeim EP and have released through Indie Recordings.

“But Klown,” inquired the voice in the Klown’s head, “If you’re so excited why is this great band in your honorable mentions?” Good question, impatient voice in the Klown’s head. The Klown was just getting to that. Since it’s out in the open, the reason is that it is a two-song EP. The first be titled “Likeim” which sounded like the old black metal sounds that caused a widespread intrigue and awesomeness. Which also contained punk rock influences. The other is a cover song from fellow Norwegian band Turbonegro’s “All My Friends Are Dead.” The Klown actually enjoyed the track and it had the collective’s punk rock influence.

Fret not fellow reader, this is only the beginning as the collective has been working on an LP. Word is that it is supposed come out this year, “It” not being the almighty Pennywise but the latest album which is titled Likskue. No actual date has been set, yet. Still, want the album and some Carpathian Forest swag? The Klown’s got you.

Just like you Likeim!

Black Mass Perverter Bring Out an EP for the Antsy

Move over Midnight, there’s another trying to get at your perverse crown. Or so the Klown thinks. The black metal band known as Black Mass Perverter, unlike Midnight, use punk influence in their brand of music instead of speed metal. They have released a brand-new EP titled Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh through Blood Harvest Recordings following up their debut from two years back.

The album begins with “Imbibing the Sea of Darkness” which opens up with some gnarly guitars and sounds that are reminiscent to that of Satyricon but with vocals that sound eerily familiar to a younger Helmuth Lehner from Belphegor. Remember the punk style combo that the Klown spoke of? “The Golden Spear” meets the mark right after the prior track and give some trve speedy goodness in under 2 minutes! They would once again pull that off but much faster with “Behind All His Atrocious Deeds” and keeps it at a little over a minute.

Although not as fast, the band combines black metal and punk with “Suffering, Our Everlasting Bliss.” They keep the fast-paced drumming and guitar synonymous with punk and really features the bass. The trio would do this again with “Chains of Guilt.” The album finishes this EP off with “The Forbidden Path” which took the Klown aback for he thought that he was listening to Taake for a moment. The Klown should note that the last song also featured some real heavy bass and stood out a lot.

This EP was pretty good. The Klown recommends it if you fancy yourself a connoisseur of the black’n’roll subgenre. On that note, the Klown will recommend this album for fans of Kuoleman Galleria, Taake, Midnight and Darkthrone. If you feel convinced, check them out in your streaming service of choice or in No Clean Singing’s site. If you go the FTP route you can get them at the label’s Bandcamp.

5 out of 6 Perversion is the New Black

The Look of Trve and Kinky

Crematory Will Take You to Oblivion!

Hey kids, can you name a former death metal that went Goth? Well, its in the sub header in if you didn’t notice. Sure, Crematory has dabbled in other subgenres but the Industrial/Goth style seems to have suited them well. After 27 years, the band doesn’t seem to know the meaning of slowing down. With that said, the German collective has released their 14th album titled Oblivion and released through Steamhammer Records.

The album opens with an intro titled “Expectation” which features  some overture you would expect from an epic moment in a movie. Right after that it transitioning to an introduction to the band before going into “Salvation” which gives us a touch of symphonic industrial metal which would feature Gerhard “Felix” Stass doing his growling vocals accompanied with rhythm guitar/vox Tosse Basler clean vocals as backup. The band gives a pure dose of industrial with “Ghost of the Past” and “Immortal” in which Katrin Jüllich’s key and samples shined the brightest.

“Until the Dawn” features the group’s tender and symphonic side but keep the growling vocals for emphasis. “Revenge is Mine” features Jüllich taking the spotlight again but this time playing them in a melody most synonymous with power metal from the likes of Firewind. The same can be said about “For All Of Us” minus the keys and more on the samples. “Stay With Me” feature some the band’s tender side again but this time in the form of a power ballad. “Cemetery Stillness” picks up the pace again and remain melodic throughout.

The album ends with “Demon Inside” which was like “Cemetery Stillness” but with more use of the keys. The album was rather fresh and give a very melodic take on the industrial/goth style metal. The Klown recommends this album for fans of Schwarze Engel, Megaherz, Oomph! and Eisbrecher. Still skeptical, check it out in a streaming service of your choice. Did you like it after you heard it or took the Klown’s word for it? You can get it here.

5 out of 6 The Soundtrack for Your Inner Death

Welcome to Oblvion

Nekrogoblikon’s Latest is Cray

The Klown knows that Ugh Metal barely talks about Nekrogoblikon. But at least they were featured once, even if it was a while back. Three years after Heavy Meta’s release the goblins from Santa Barbara have released their fourth album Welcome to Bonkers through their own label Mystery Box.

The album begins with “Mold” which opens with Alex Alereza’s guitars and Nicky Calonne’s vocals. Both are then joined by Aaron Minich’s keys, in which he gets a solo later on in the song. “Row,” briefly starts with some deathcore and smoothly transitions the keys but keep the deathcore element. The collective also gives you a reminder of who they are by adding electronic music elements and samples making the song dance-able. The band revives their M.O. of comedy and metal with “Dressed as Goblins.”Do you like the sounds of retro video games mixed in? “Dragons” is definitely the song to your liking and turns in to some electronic rock.

They keep the electronic aspect rolling again but bump it back to metal with “Thanks for Nothing, Moon.” The song also contains some guitars from Alereza. They bust out a bit of power metal with some electronic influence with “Darkness.” “Killing Time (and Space)” features Job For A Cowboy’s Al Glassman playing the opening sequence on the banjo before transitioning to the fast-paced metal song. The album ends with “Goblins” which sounds like In Flames but with comedic overtones and singing about goblins in their lives.

Assuming you haven’t heard of Nekrogoblikon, the Klown can recommend this to fans of Alestorm, Psychostick and Avatar. If you have heard or are a Nekrogoblikon mark then this album is a must-have for your collection. Not convinced, check it out on the band’s Bandcamp and hear for yourself!

5 out of 6 No Trollin’ Around 

This Album was Simply Bonkers!

 Satanic Surfers Return like a Bat Outta Hell

Punks, Skins and Droogs rejoice! One of Sweden’s finest has returned after an 11-year breakup and it has been 13 years since the Swedish punk group known as Satanic Surfers last made an album. Yup, it’s been a tween ago since these punkers last gave us gold. Their seventh installment is appropriately titled Back From Hell and it was released through Mondo Macabre Records.

The album begins with “The Usurper” which starts kind of fast and is a great song for our current times. The band’s speedy drumming from Robert Samsonowitz and Andy Dahlström’s bass slapping along with the guitars compliments Rodrigo Alfaro’s vocals. If you are looking for absolute speed the quintet give you the ironically titled “Catch My Breath,” in which Dahlström  shines brightly because the bass stood out the most, and proved to be the foundation of the song.

“Self-Medication” features a bit of reggae influence in between and Alfaro by no means attempts to do the Jamaican accent. Not a bad thing its just that the Klown doesn’t see the point of adopting a Jamaican accent when singing some reggae. Remember how the Klown brought up a soundtrack for today’s current events? Although, “The Usurper” does hit the mark, “Madhouse” hits it again with absolute precision! Not only was the song fast paced and aggressive, the lyrical content is on key with the world’s political climate, not just the US and Europe.

The Surfers didn’t just keep to themselves for their return, “Pato Loco” features soloist Patricio Vergara jamming away with the band in that instrumental. The contemporary closes with the title track, “Back From Hell” which finish the way it began, only much faster. The album was good and really felt fresh despite the lineup being tweaked just a bit. The Klown definitely recommends this album if you fancy yourself a true punker and recommends this album for fans of Offspring, Rise Against, Bad Religion and NOFX. As always if you don’t believe the Klown, you can always check their Bandcamp and see for yourselves.

6 out of 6 Surfs Up Buttholes!

Join Them in their Comeback Wave

*Uh oh! Here’s Jenny Oh with her 2 cents*

The Damned Conjure up ‘Evil Spirits’

The Damned are saying hello from the other side and have decided to grace our mortal ears with their first album in a decade! Evil Spirits was conjured up via Spinefarm Records and is quite the hard boiled fun loving  rebel. I am well aware that that was a bit of an oxymoron but these icons are know n to be quite the wild cards and are ready to be the best complicated rebels.

“Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow” is just what you would love to play when you are deep undercover… under your covers on a weekday and holy shit! You are late for work! “Devil In Disguise” is the misunderstood bad boy that will take you by the hand and will have you shimmying all night long. “Look Left” indulges the sense of longing for that impossible love with that conniving burrito because you’re broke or working on the Psycho Las Vegas bikini bod… or maybe even a person. *Gags*

“Shadow Evocation” gives us the nice goth shade The Damned are so great at and vocalist Dave Vanian vocally drops the bass just like the good ol’ days but not deep enough to send us back to the past. Did you know The Damned also created a song for the Ugh Metal staff? It’s called “Procrastination” and it is perfect for our next montage when we’re trying to play catch up in these reviews.

The Damned are well known for reinventing themselves because that’s what pioneers do. They profess their love for all things noir in Evil Spirits and even though yours truly is hungry for more of Vanian’s signature deep vocals, it is very nice hearing him belt out his tributes in a high baritone harmony. This comeback record was an enjoyable ride with a fresh new attitude and if you are a hardcore fan of The Damned, you will have a soft spot for this hard boiled detective. Listen to the album on Spotify and get your copy here.

4 out 6,   Will give you the good kind of willies

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