Seize The Vatican has Arrived with their Debut

The Mainers known as Seize The Vatican have released Advent of Annihilation independently. If y’all haven’t heard of them, that’s okay as always the Klown has your back! The death metal quintet has been active since 2013, and released a self titled EP soon after. Let’s flash forward to this moment to talk about this current release because the Klown definitely dug this album. Right after the intro, “DOA” will take you to some death metal bliss the way Thine Eyes Bleed would and continues to do so with “Battle Hymns” and “Visions.”

“Brought to Light” and “Godsledge” were pretty bitchin’ songs, contained thrash influence resembling The Haunted. “Born to Kill,” on the other hand, gives you a bit of a Lamb Of God while “Revelations” and “Shattered Crystal” slow down a bit to cool down your metal euphoria. The Klown liked this album and can see these guys getting further out there in the future. The Klown highly recommends this debut for Thine Eyes Bleed, The Haunted, Lamb Of God, A Life Once Lost fans.

5 out of 6, A New Pope and College of Cardinals Have Been Named

Seize the Vatican release latest in time for the holydaze

Black Map Release their Sophomore Album

The alternative supergroup known Black Map newest release In Droves is now available through EOne Music. Right off the bat, the Klown thought he was listening to some Parlor Mob or a slightly edgier Bombay Bicycle Club. The current hit “Run Rabbit Run,” along with “Ruin” and “No Color” are a good testament to the Klown’s claim. “Heavy Waves,”“Just My Luck” and “Cash For Fears” gave the Klown a moment to reminisce over the near identical musical styling of Fair To Midland but with baritone vocals instead. “Octavia” is among a very few songs in which this trio give off more of a hard rock sound than an alternative rock one. This album serves as a perfect guilty pleasure for the metal head who likes to dabble in the alternative rock, indie or alternative metal. But most importantly, you’ll definitely appreciate it more if you’re into Chevelle, Parlor Mob, Bombay Bicycle Club, Fair To Midland and Bush.

4 out of 6, Ear Friendly

Black Map’s cover tho… *drools*

Cellador Bring Back ‘Merican Power Metal

The Nebraskan power metal quintet known as Cellador have graced us with their anticipated sophomore studio album after 11 years. The Klown believes that this current installment is appropriately titled because the album happens to be called Off the Grid and it has come out through Metal Blade Records. These guys prove that power metal isn’t just a European brand, and show us a power of their own a la Dragonforce minus the extensive Herman Li or Sam Tottman guitar solos.

“Sole Survivors” is a great opener to get your ears invested, “Shadowfold,” however, cranks that power to 11 and shines the spotlight on Nick McCallister’s drumming prowess. “Off the Grid” is very harmonious and doesn’t compromise the speed and remember the Dragonforce comparison? “Swallow Your Pride” and “This Means War” are definitely near identical tracks with the signature sounds of Dragonforce, including killer guitar solos! This was sweet album to listen to and this album shows that good things come to those who wait.

5 out of 6, ‘Cause ‘Merica can Slay Dragons Too!

Walk it off, bud.

Darkest Hour Release their Ninth on the 10th

It has been a while since the Klown heard anything from Darkest Hour, nevertheless, the DC quintet has made returned with a vengeance with Godless Prophet & the Migrant Flora (Southern Lord Recordings). Right off the bat, the album starts off strong with “Knife in the Safe Room” and features a killer guitar solo from guitarist Mike Schleibaum much like “The Flesh & The Flowers of Death.” “None of this is the Truth” had the Klown reminiscing about the early days of Darkest Hour before their 2007 breakthrough Deliver Us, to be exact. “Those Who Survived” and “Enter Oblivion” continued to take the Klown down memory lane and the Klown would like to add that “Those Who Survived” features a great breakdown towards the end of the track, transitioning into an energetic and strong finish.

“Another Headless User of the Used” was a great track and had the Klown wondering, how would an In Flames song sound like if Darkest Hour’s vocalist, John Henry, ever had to fill in for Anders Fridén? “The Last of the Monuments” had a pretty good blend between melodic and metal. The Klown’s favorite track of this album was “In the Name of Us All” because not only was it fast and aggressive, it was just fucking awesome. Lastly, “Beneath It Sleeps” features former Darkest Hour and Scar The Martyr guitarist, Kris Norris shredding away.

6 out of 6, We Believe!

Darkest Hour shine brightly with their latest

Havok Kills it with the Latest Installment.

If you keep up with us, then you’re aware of Havok’s presence gracing both our website and humble abode. The Mile High quartet has released Conformicide through Century Media Records and the hype for this album was met. The Klown won’t spend too much time talking about “Hang ’em High,”“Intention to Deceive” and “Claiming Certainty”  they are fucking awesome! The Klown really enjoyed “Ingsoc,” because not only does it feature lead guitarist Reece Scruggs’ mastery of the axe but also drummer Pete Webber’s skills.

“Masterplan” was a great song and had this sack of drunken fun thinking that he was listening to a lost Exodus song. Not only did “Masterplan” have a good intro/ build up, it had a great and smooth breakdown that rapidly transcended into thrash metal bliss. The Klown can say the same about “Peace Is In Pieces” minus the build up and the breakdown. Need a new ringtone for your alarm? “Wake Up” will definitely meet the criteria especially if you set it on Scruggs’ awesome solo.

If you really wanna hear Nick Schiendzielos work the bass like a champ, then the Klown recommends “Circling the Drain.” Lastly, these Denverites treat us to their cover of Pantera’s “Slaughtered.” The Klown could seriously go on and on over this album but he’d much rather you get your hands and ears on this bad boy. You will not regret this thrash masterpiece!

6 out of 6, No Need to Conform for this Masterpiece

Havok+ “Conformicide”= HELL YEAH!!

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