Can KMFDM Get A ‘Hell Yeah’?

Society be killin’ Punk and industrial, man! But the sheep are wrong! KMFDM have risen and will convince you otherwise one beat at a time with their 20th studio album Hell Yeah which was released via earMusic Records. Not to be confused with their EP Yeah! Which came out a few months ago, which you should totally see what Klown thought about it right hurrr.

The title track takes the first bow, revealing itself like a divine and dancy answer to your troubles and has quite the empowering lyrical content helmed by frontman Sascha Konietzko. Much like the title track, “Fake News” and “Rip The System V.2.0” also have a sharp lyrical tongue. KMFDM unleash their warning called “Total State Machine” which starts with an intensity before suddenly decreasing its tempo allowing Konietzko’s voice to morph in to a dire message before picking up speed again.

Lucia Cifarelli’s sultry vocals encourage us to let our “Freak Flag” fly…really? You mean it Lucia? She gets us man and you know what, we will be dishing out our best flag choreography sequence to go along with this track. Ms.Cifarelli also lets us feel her pain and serenades our love sick desperation with “Murder My Heart” which includes a brief Italian verse in the very beginning. The frontwoman continues to help us pick up the pieces with the pleading “Only Lovers.” Cifarelli shows off her shouting vocals and interchanging prowess in the anguished “Rx 4 The Damned.”

You thought the early 2000’s buried KMFDM? Well you are sorely mistaken. This iconic industrial band has been doing great and are showing no signs of slowing down. I can already hear you singing the chorus of “Glam, Glitz, Guts & Gore” and you know what, check it out for yourselves and get it here. Like what you heard? Then get your tickets for their upcoming North American tour starting Oct. 1 and for our San Diego peeps catch them at the House of Blues on Oct.20!

5 out 6, HELL YEAH!

Thy Art Is Murder Brings More Death To ‘Desolation’ 

These Aussies are back with an album that will help them with their promise of making Deathcore Great Again. So as part of their campaign, they delivered their latest album Dear Desolation via Nuclear Blast and are determined to stay true to their cause. The quintet start off strongly with a string of brootal tracks such as “Slave Beyond Death,” their current hit “Puppet Master” and the super real title track reminding you that there are “no happy endings.” Ain’t that the truth *sips on frozen Blackout Lemonade* Mmmm, never mind guys you’re wrong.

The elusive “Death Dealer” lures you in to this deadly trap with a great, grim but simple short instrumental intro which casts a macabre anticipation till CJ McMahon lay sit on you. McMahon and company continue their campaign of metal desolation with “Fire In The Sky.” Definitely one of the J-Oh’ster’s favorite tracks of this album. This album takes its final bow with the appropriately titled “The Final Curtain” and you know what, you won’t even believe this wild ride is over when the curtain falls on you.

Truth be told, the J-OHster had actually forgotten that Thy Art Is Murder are still under the deathcore banner. Their merciless approach in this album felt more like they had jumped in to the reaper’s hot rod and joined the death metal genre. Don’t get me wrong, deathcore influences are still very much present, but only lightly and quite frankly, the predominant death metal sound is a sound yours truly can get used to. Get your Dear here and see if I’m trippin balls or nah!

6 out 6, Will inflict ‘Desolation’ in your ears

Eluveitie Deliver Their Follow up!

The wait is over, my warriors! Eight years later, Eluveitie has finally delivered the follow up to Evocation I and are ready to take us on this new melodic adventure with Evocation II: Pantheon via Nuclear Blast Records. Fabienne Erni greets us with her beautiful vocals midway of the intro ambient track in a place magical which for once is not your kitchen. Erni then takes over and whisks away in her dragon with their latest single “Epona,” ‘cause who said there’s only one mother of dragons?!

Erni doesn’t enchant you with one track though, there 18 tracks in this album and she has plenty of enchantment up her sleeves. The frontwoman fascinates you with every song her voice graces and with every chant she belts out like in “Esvs”

Though this is primarily an album where Erni takes the reins in this album, frontman Chrigel Glanzmann makes a brief vocal appearance in the battle worthy “Catvrix” and “Tarvos II (Sequel)” which is a great song to play when you’re pumping up your buddies for the next beer pong challenge.

Once you crack open and dissect the pages of Evocation II: Pantheon, it will surely carry to another world where the trees are green, the air is clean and filled with fog especially when the beautiful instrumental pieces make their way to your ears. This album will fill you more with wonder and adventure and felt a little less rougher around the edges than its predecessor, not that Evocation I was bad. Erni weaves softer melodies that will wrap itself around your heart, assuming you have one, while the instrumental pieces sandwiched in between will take you on a horse ride in to the forest or set you up with battle. Grab your knapsack and begin your journey in this second chapter here.

5 out 6, What is this sorcery?!

The Necromancers Will Make You Serve

The Necromancers are here to communicate with the living with their debut album Servants of the Salem Girl via Ripple Music Records. The Necromancers begin with “Salem Girl Part I” which has a faint touch of stoner rock influences and works very damn well. Lead guitarist Robin Genais lures you in with his bridges and will shoot you back to the witch trials with that killer breakdown, sealing the deal and making you want to continue this doomy story.

Now that you dove in, the French quartet slows things down to explain the story with the grim “Lucifer’s Kin” and work their magic “Grand Orbiter” which will immediately glamour you with that great intro from the ensemble before slowing down, and wait till you get to the riffs! In the catchy “Necromancers,” vocalist/guitarist Tom Cornière inserts a little extra intensity while thickening his vocals which becomes a beacon in this doomy tale. Wanna hear Cornière interchange his vocals? Listen to “Salem Girl Part II.”

Servants of the Salem Girl dazzles and will entice you to serve in the growing legion of The Necromancers. Each track delivers a great gloomy tale of servitude that is made more dramatic with the amazing instrumental work and vocals that will make you succumb to this band. Serve the Salem girl and get your copy here.

6 out 6, We shall serve!

*The Klown has cracked open a new one*

Death Yell Debut Their Long Awaited Album

For those who love blackened death metal from South America rejoice because the Chilean death metal juggernaut known as Death Yell has now delivered their first LP titled Descent into Hell through Hells Headbangers Records. The quintet formerly known as Pestilence has awarded the patience of their loyal fanbase with this brutal gem.

The album begins strongly with “Soulless” with a medley of Andres “Pulga” Herrera, and Andres “Pollo” Lozano’s guitar riffs combined with the thundering drumming, and cymbal clashing of Jano Moyano  mixed with Felipe “Guatiu” Allende’s powerful bass riffs. Vocalist Sergio “Galleta” Arenas then adds his strong harsh vocals before he moves on to the following tracks. This song in particular also features a guitar solo from Pollo which was awesomely similar to that of Cannibal Corpse’s Pat O’Brien.

The band delivers some black metal bliss, in terms of material and influence, with “Descent into Hell,” “Cries of Nazarene” and “Betrayed Chastity” just to name a few. For the latter song, Pollo would once again revisit the solo synonymous to that of Cannibal Corpse and would also feature Jano’s thundering double kicks and cymbals. “Thy Will Be Done” reminded the Klown of a fast version of Bay Area metal group Ghoul mixed with some of Slayer’s Kerry King’s killer riffs and solos.

“Bluffer” and “Will Never Enjoy” will give you some full blown death metal and leave you on an adrenaline high. Although this album was released on the 15th it made a great addition to this week’s review and should be put on notice. Lastly, you can check this bitchin’ debut through their bandcamp to get a good listen of it.

6 out of 6, This Album is Muy Caliente!

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