1. The Evil (Doesn’t) Divide

On May 27, 2016, Bay Area Thrash legends, Death Angel released their 8th studio album, The Evil Divide. Right from the start, “The Moth”, gives the adrenaline rush that a metal head usually seeks.The album is a cross between their Act III and Killing Season albums, minus the slow build ups and the ballads. Mark Osegueda’s vocals, alongside with Rob Cavestany’s guitars, were as piercing as ever. The combo of Osegueda’s vocals and Cavestany’s earsplitting riffs remind us why they’re one of the innovators of Thrash-crossover, creating a strong Thrash album for this year. Though The Evil Divide is definitely a must have, for those of you looking for a “traditional” Death Angel album or for those popping their Death Angel cherry, then this album probably may not be for you. Unlike, their other albums, this one is angrier and more in-your-face, laced with heavy Bay Area Thrash. On that note, the last thing to mention is that unlike their previous albums, it’s slightly less melodic and slightly less crossed with punk elements. Death Angel skip their usual audible foreplay and get right down to business in this album, which for once we’re cool with that.


Death Angel’s 8th studio album, which is truly legendary!

Final Verdict: Level 6, this album is  as legendary as Aleister Crowley and will go down in history!

  1. Devildriver says ‘Trust No One’, we say Trust this album

Just listened to the new DevilDriver album, Trust No One, let’s just say that I can definitely trust Dez Fafara and company to keep producing our fix. From the very start, Devildriver puts the groove in metal and insert melodic to this album. After hearing “Daybreak,” it was apparent why it’s the band’s first single. “Daybreak” was a perfect fusion of fast and slow melodies, complimenting the killer guitar solos courtesy of Mike Spreitzer. On a side note, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the next hit of this album ends up being the song of the namesake album, “Trust No One.” This album, as good as it is, felt like something was missing. Don’t ask this Klown what it’s missing because he’s not entirely sure. Drunken haze aside, it is a good addition for anyone’s arsenal AND especially for a diehard Devildriver fan.

Final Verdict: Level 4, Good enough to posses ya!

DevilDriver - Trust No One (Deluxe Edition) (2016)

Devildriver returns with their 7th studio album.

                                                            Both albums are out now!

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