Oct. 12

Helsott Enslaves In Their Latest Conquest

We trot away from the blood stained battle fields and sail on to the shores of the Mediterranean! Helsott are hungry for new territories and aren’t afraid to experiment different methods in this new conquest. Slaves and Gods turns the page on to a new horizon, a new set of new allies and a butt load of adventure! How will this sequel end?

The So-Calian Vikings don’t waste any time when it comes to riling up their legion with the title track “Slaves and Gods” which features Dr. Leif Kjonnsfleis from TrollfesT on guitars and Björn Friedrichsen on bass duties for most tracks. Eric Dow unleashes his ferocious growls that will fill their enemies with terror and replenish his army with adrenaline. That was only the first track by the way, “The Coward’s Curse” features some clean baritone vocals with an underlying resonance of growls.

“Winter Smells Like Death” has never sounded so sweet because this beast has the perfect mix of brutality and softness, and is sure to lure you to the other side of the veil. Another track that has this nice and rough fusion is “Return Hyperborea” and “Honour Thy Valkyrie” which gives you a predominant dosage of growls but also has Stephanie Robinson’s melodic vocals to sweeten this deal. For those that want their metal straight to the point then take a shot of the fiery “Whiskey Breath” and because we don’t want any damn chasers we’re going right in to the rabid “Trollskald.”

No one said raiding would be clean and easy, and so Helsott commemorate their fallen comrades with the honorable ode “Eye of the Past.” Look, homesickness is just as deadly too man! Some of us can’t live without our crap shacks and dysfunctional people and mundane routines.  Have you ever heard a badass folk metal cover of the wanderlust song “Running Down A Dream?” You will now! Helsott do such a superb job in adding a more wonder and make this track a little more wild and hungry to explore.

Helsott outdid themselves. They came, they slaughtered and CONQUERED. Some bands struggle to produce an incredible follow up album but not them. But you see, the quintet is not some band, they are Helsott! They have just begun. Grab your battle helmet and axes and listen to the album on Spotify, and get your copy here. And don’t forget to read about our past raids with them here!

6/6, Victory Is Theirs!


Terrorizer Are Unstoppable With Their Latest ‘Attack’ 

These legendary gents are back with their first album in six years titled Caustic Attack which was released through The End Records. Warning! They have a bone to pick with everything that’s fucked up in the world. What better way to deal with stuff then blasting some death metal from the OG’s in Terrorizer? That’s exactly what we did and what you will do after you lend this album your ears.

We ride the rogue wave and will experience some serious “Turbulence,” and if that wasn’t enough to blow you away, “Invasion” and “Infiltration” certainly live up to their names and will pillage your brain. “Crisis” has a great intro riff from Lee Harrison who is soon joined by Pete Sandoval’s legendary machine gun tempo! Another track that showcases the legendary drummer’s chops is “Sharp Knives,” the title track, and “Wasteland”  where he gives us a grand finale.“Terror Cycles” shines the spotlight around to the trio and we have an earful from Sam Molina’s bass slapping before Harrison has a moment of his own. Shine on my dudes!

“The Downtrodden” will make your blood boil just like a slow burning fire, while “Poison Gas Tsunami” and “Failed Assassin” are sure to become pit favorites. Terrorizer are back and stronger than ever, if anyone needs to see how perseverance and brutality looks like its these guys. Caustic Attack has the ability to make fans thrash not just because this is a great album but because it was worth the wait and Terrorizer continues to stand the test of time. Listen to the album on Spotify and get your copy in any major platform such as here!

6/6, Ruthless  

Missed Trials: Oct. 5

We Love Behemoth At Their ‘Darkest’ 

This highly anticipated album may have made its way out of the depths of the Metal Blade Records vault while we were busy having chugging contests but it did not go unheard in the Ugh Metal fortress. Much like everyone, yours truly couldn’t wait to hear I Loved You At Your Darkest  not just because this was the closest thing anyone would say those words to me because it was  highly anticipated, I feel that I left that bit out. Behemoth mentioned a while back that they would add a children’s choir and that’s exactly what they did, what better way to set the mood for the hellsih ride we’ve been dying to ride for some time.

The first two tracks, “Wolves Ov Siberia” and “God=Dog,” are the singles the metallers have teased us with for the past year, and they are just as bitchin’ once you hear the studio version, but that’s a no brainer. On to the meat! The quartet fuel the theatrical elements in “Ecclesia Diabolica Catolica” and “Bartzabel” by slipping in some clean baritone vocals, but they also throw in some different elements such as acoustic guitar strings (in “Ecclesia…” and “Havohej Pantocrator”), and a bit of cinematic instrumentals, which they all work as great as you can imagine. “Angelvs XIII” and “Sabbath Mater” will be highly appreciated by those that like the fast paced brutality Behemoth do so great and will certainly become a favorite, “We Are the Next 1000 Years“ drips with an ancient elusive fury. It may be a slow burner but it sure is eager to slowly seep it’s dark magick in to you. This new installment does not disappoint and made the wait well worth it.

ILYAYD was a much needed breath of fresh air from the relatively tamer The Satanist (What? You wanna @ lil ol’ me? ;p), this new album has a bubbling tar black bitterness that had been stewing for some time and finally released  its calamities on to the world. This record may not have the ferocious growls and savage brutality that attracted us to Behemoth way back when BUT that’s not what makes their brand of metal metal, it’s their willingness to evolve and experiment which is a vital component that fuels a band’s individuality.

This installment not only serenades our demons but it also plays with them whereas The Satanist just serenaded us till it became old, well to yours truly anyway. What can I say? I am one fickle fiend who needs some darkness and chaos but know that I still love you at your darkest especially if you don’t agree with moi…BUT only on Fridays. Look, let’s not fight right now baby, and just listen to the album… assuming you are one of the last two people on Earth who haven’t had the chance to do so. And when you do, get your copy here, and don’t get your panties in a bunch. 😉 And see what we thought about them when they opened for Slayer and in the site’s infancy!

5/ 6, I still love this 😉

Author & Punisher Takes Us In To Uncharted Territory

Local one-man industrial machine and Club Hemlock darling Author & Punisher lead us into uncharted territory. This new installment will take you deep into this gnarled holographic rabbit hole called Beastland which was released via Relapse Records. This album is ready to swallow up anyone who dares to sit back and connect themselves in to The Matrix or listen to its distorted hymns, whatever tickles your fancy.

”Pharmacide” trots carefully as it distributes a calculated dosage of audible sedatives to ease you in and so that you can open your mind to this cyber wonderland. There’s no turning back especially when you hear brain child Tristan Shone’s screams pierce the mechanized veil in “Nihil Strength.”  “The Speaker is Systematically Blown” expresses a unique type of anguish that only one who has lost their speakers and/or headphones would know. It cuts deep and it quickly became yours truly’s favorite track, #ripheadphones.

“Nazarene” has a nice cinematic feel to it and would be a great track to play when you are facing a bit of an uphill battle. If you are part of Team No Sleep AND you want a great song to fit in your sleep deprivation induced Lynchian hallucinations, “Night Terror” will be perfect. Beastland is some kind of experimental monster that’s ready to tell its story to those who listen. Beneath its experimental exterior it is waiting to show you a deeper and darker level of own doing, too deep? Sorry I went in too deep into the The Matrix man and as a loyal member of Team No Sleep, well you get it. You can listen to the whole album on Spotify and see what I mean! And if you are in sync with it, get your copy here.  

4/6, Would visit again