July 27

Frontierer Add Another One to Their Collection

Ahh… snap! El Pallaso has done it again! Independent, with a capital “I!” This time the act in the spotlight is a quintet known as Frontierer. This band has been around since 2011 and has since began to rack up their resume. This time, though, the Scottish-American connection has released their sophomore album titled Unloved. The album itself begins explosively with “Tumoric” which was erratic and dispersed but very aggressive.

It is then followed by “Gower St.” which was basically Djent but with more on the lines of noise meets hardcore. The Klown will also add that that’s the major theme and premise of the album. “Fluorescent Nights” and “Designer Chemtrails” give you a bit of how would Dillinger Escape Plan sound like if they experimented with some Djent. “Heartless” gives you an idea of what The Ocean would sound like if they incorporated electronic sounds and samples. Aside from that, not much stood out but it made sure that your blood would be pumping when you hear this album. The Klown would recommend this album for fans of Beartooth, Nails, the Dillinger Escape and Nailbomb. Need a nudge? Check it out on your service of choice or the band’s Bandcamp.

5 out of 6, Feel the Love

Dee Snider Returns on His Own and with Love

The name Dee Snider should ring a bell. It was 2 years ago that Twisted Sister did its farewell tour. Y’know, Snider’s band? The very same one that catapulted him into metal infamy? Anyway, Twisted Sister may no longer be around but Snider never said anything about him stopping. Fast forward to the present year and Dee Snider has continued solo proving that he does it for the love of metal. Speaking of which, his fourth installment is titled For The Love of Metal and has been released through Napalm Records. This album in general has something for everyone. The album, in general, dabbles with power metal, speed metal and hard rock.

“Lies Are A Business” begins with some speed metal and will get you reminiscing over Judas Priest since his vocals were very similar to that of Rob Halford’s, and “I Am A Hurricane” takes a hard rock approach.This album also features guest musician Alyssa White-Gluz for “Dead Hearts (Love thy Enemy)” adding a feminine touch to the album, this track also contains classical strings. The record ends with the eponymous album title, “For The Love of Metal.” This album was great and shows that Snider may no longer be doing anything with Twisted Sister but he isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. The Klown recommends it. Check it out on your streaming service if choice or take the plunge in Bandcamp.

6 out of 6, Definitely for the Love of Metal!

August 3

Lord of the Lost Return On Course

Lord of the Lost should be a name you should be familiar with. After all, just last year they released a compilation album which the frumpy wonder reviewed herself. This time, however, they have returned with a new one. The latest release is titled Thornstar via Napalm Records. This sixth installment begins strongly with “On This Rock I Will Build My Church” which has some industrial elements. This track also made the Klown wonder if his Swedish compadre from Avatar had taken vocal duties up until front man Chris Harms transitioned his voice to a higher bass with autotune and screams in between. The collective also give you a series of ballads with “Loreley,” “Naxxar” and “In Darkness, In Light” just to name a few.

They also include a dark ballad with “Cut Me Out.” The deluxe version of the album features Dero Goi of Oomph! lending his vocals in “Abracadabra.” “Lily of the Vale” returns the album to some speedy, aggressive industrial metal. The deluxe caps off like the previously mentioned song in the form of “Live, Pray, Die, Repeat.” The album was pretty good and, for fans, would definitely quell the urge for a long-awaited album. Fancy yourself a fan of industrial? Then this is an album to consider. You think the Klown doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Stream it or take the plunge in their Bandcamp.

5.5 out of 6 Get Lost with Some Industrial

Soreption Release a Monumental Piece

The name should be somewhat familiar especially if you’re in deep into technical death metal. The Swedish quartet has been in the game for 13 years and have built a reputation for creating works with speed and groovy riffs. This time they return with their third installment titled Monument of the End and released it through Sumerian Records. The album began strongly with “The Anti-Present” and had Mikael Almgren’s heavy guitar riffs and a solo combined with Kim Lantto’s bass.

Really want to hear a great example of technical death metal? “King of Undisputed Nonsense” would be one of the best examples. “A Mimic’s Ignorance” is not only another great example of technical death metal but also had some speed to keep you energized. The song also slows down a bit and adds a faded tack piano in to the mix as well. The albums ends just how it began with “The Entity.” If you love the power, the speed  and just simply love technical death metal, this is an album to definitely not skim on. Not taking the Klown’s word? Check it out on your streaming service of choice or take the plunge here.

5.5 out of 6 Still, Overall, Monumental

August 10

Primal Fear Return with the Cataclysm on Waiting

This name should be really familiar to you. Assuming you keep up with the Klown’s and the J’Ohster’s boring stories. After all, the Klown saw these guys years back during Ugh Metal’s humble beginnings. Pop over to that when you can here! This time the Klown’s going to talk about this sextet’s latest release titled Apocalypse through Frontier Records. If you’ve never heard of these gents before than you’re in for a treat especially if power metal and speed metal is your thing.

The album opens strongly with “Apocalypse” which happens to give you a combination of both power and speed metal. The band also sports a ballad in the form of “Supernova.” Relax bro, it’s not that soft of a ballad so you can still play this song if you want to be romantic but still be metal. The track rebounds off of “Hail to the Fear” which not only caters to the old school power metal aficionado but it also has a real bitchin’ guitar solo.

The “Hounds of Justice” was made for those who like to join Ralf Scheepers and have a mini duet with him, and was more for those who enjoy power metal with the hard rock element. The band takes a page from other power metal greats like Europe and Blind Guardian with “The Eye of the Storm” and has the band sporting longer instrumentals, kick ass guitar solos and some dramatic flair. The album ends with similar elements found in the first track with “Cannonball.”

If you happen to listen to the deluxe version of the album, the Fear give you 3 extra tracks to keep that wait even more calm. As always, want to dispute? Check it out in the streaming service of your choice or take the plunge here.

5.5 out of 6 Fear is in Vogue.

August 31

Omnium Gatherum Bring Back the Cold for the Summer

Oh look, it’s another band you should be familiar with. Assuming you keep up with us, the Klown will never stop assuming of course, the Klown’s least favorite sibling wrote about them back in Ugh Metal’s first winter. Be a doll and read that after, for some winter reading in the fall right here. The sextet’s eighth release, The Burning Cold, comes out after a two-year hiatus under Century Media Records.

The album kicks off with “The Burning” which will tickle your fancy and will make you invest in the record and serves as a great catalyst to “Gods Go First.” Also, worth noting that the song contains an awesome solo from guitarist’s Markus Vanhala. Still excited over Amon Amarth or something similar, “Rest in Your Heart” gots you covered. Of course, unlike Amon Amarth, the song contains some keys courtesy of Aapo Koivisto. “Over the Battlefield” and “The Frontline” slows things down but not by much. The band presents a bit of Arch Enemy influence with “The Fearless Entity,” just to name one of the few tracks that sound that way. “Driven by Conflict” pick up the noise and is very mosh worth for a Viking warrior. The album closed with the slow but epic sounding “Cold.”

This was a real good album for the Finnish Vikings and will leave you with a real sense of pride and pepped for battle. Definitely worth your time especially if you love Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom and In Flames. Check it out on your streaming service of choice or get the album here.

6 out of 6 For Glory and Asgard!