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Wülfskol Will Give You One Hell of a Shock (March 14, 2017)

The Klown is not completely out of it this week. No, sirs and ladies, the Klown has found a gem from outta nowhere and meant to do this way back then. Well, they’re really from Houston but that’s not the point. The point is that the quartet known as Wülfskol have released their debut album titled Hellshock through Flesh Vessel Records.

Right from the beginning, the band delivers an immediate dose of their brand of death punk. Which the Klown had no idea even existed. The opener “I Am The Devil’s Blood,” give you a big dose of punk, which leans closely to the crust and early Norwegian black metal. David Herrera’s harsh vocal matches the tone that is being played. The same can be said about “Violator” and “Screaming Cheetah Roll.”

The band featured a lot more punk influences in “Age of Fire” and “Deliver Us,” a bonus to these tracks is that it included Herrera’s harsh vocals, speedy riffs and a chorus line from the band. “Lucifer’s Spell” and “Succubus” are more crust punk influenced and has lyrical content that would fit right in with that of the likes of Midnight. The album finishes with the title track “Hellshock.” The song was more of a fast-paced crust punk and had some slower riffs from Zike Lee that would feel more at home with the stoner metal brand.

This album was a good surprise and gives a perspective on a newer brand of punk even if that known genre has some very familiar influences. The Klown definitely recommends this if you are a fan of Midnight, Witchaven, Darkthrone. The Klown would also recommend this for those who fancy the crust punk subgenre. You can check this album for yourselves on bandcamp or acquire a copy through the band’s Facebook and/or email. If you want a cassette of it you can check it out here.

5 out of 6 No Problems, Here Houston

Vontrov’s Gives Us His ‘Zenith’ of San Diego’s Rising Black Metal Scene (April 28, 2017)

Remember when the Klown talked about the one-man black metal piece last year in First Impressions? Really? You haven’t? Be a sweetheart and check that out when you can here. For those who did read it, the Klown promised a review on Vontrov’s debut EP titled Zenith which was originally released on April 28, 2017.

The EP begins with “They Have Come” which starts off with some raw, fast and heavily distorted guitars which are then accompanied by Arevera’s raw, harsh vocals and some drumming. If the description sounds bad, don’t worry it sounds a lot better than what the Klown has described and is a great hook. It was so good, we had to use it for the intro in last year’s SD Metal Swap Meet segmentIt is then followed by “The Seed” which is not only faster but begins much like the previous but Arevera’s vocals pop in sooner.

The EP closes with the title track, “Zenith” which starts slow but immediately begins to build up. The song itself is a little over 8 minutes long and half of it is instrumental, it will still take you to some black metal bliss! If you’ve kept up with Ugh Metal, in their last Trials, the Klown’s wookie sister reviewed Vontrov’s debut LP. Although the record was set to debut around the time of that piece, it was pulled back because Arevera decided to debut it just in time for the season of giving… Halloween, duh! Save the dates kiddies, October 24th Through a Once Closed Passage comes out through Vontrov’s Bandcamp starting on Oct. 24 which is when the link should be up and running. If you really like what you head, be sure to check out his YouTube channel, Soundcloud and Instagram too! Speaking of Metal Swap Meet, be sure to check it out on Oct. 27 and catch Arevera at the meet where he will have physical copies of Vontrov’s upcoming release!

6 out of 6 Welcome to Trve San Diego!

We were lucky #9 baby!


De La Muerte Returned with a Vengeance (December 15, 2017)

Despite what most of you may think, De La Muerte is actually an Italian quintet that dives deep in to hard rock and some old school heavy metal. However, if you look at their recent band pictures and motif, you would have thought the duo were Mexican based due to the mariachi-based uniforms they have been sporting. After a two-year hiatus the band returned just in time for the time of giving… last year. The latest in their CV is titled Venganza and it was released through Revalve Records.

The album begins with the intro “Theme of Revenge” which works as a catalyst for “De La Muerte.” The band’s theme song “De La Muerte” was not only catchy as hell but was pretty awesome and was heavily laden with the hard rock element and singer Gianluca Mastrangelo sang in Spanish and English which was a pleasant surprise to the Klown. “Lady Death” takes a different approach by mixing old school rock and hard rock much like Helloween did a few years back. In fact, Mastrangelo’s voice sounded like Helloween’s Michael Kiske.

The collective also offered a ballad titled “Heart of Stone.” For those who like power ballads though, the band also gives you “Scream of Madness” and “How Do You Feel?” Love Judas Priest? Good news, the collective treats you to a Priest influenced song titled “Death Engine” which sounds like it came from Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance. Do you still love Antonio Bandera and Los Lobos’s “Canción del Mariachi” from Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado movie? The collective has you covered with the metal version of that song.

This album was pretty good and definitely is an album for everyone. The Klown recommends this album for fans of Helloween, Three Days Grace, Judas Priest and Godsmack. Check it out on your streaming service of choice or cut the foreplay here.

5 out of 6 Returning with a Vengeance