If anybody is still reading our stuff or following us, unsincerest apologies. Long story, short the realities of adulthood have also caught up to this Klown. Turns out that I have to pay for shit… and with MONEY. Gone are the days that I could simply take my shit and go… probably an old routine as a form of bartering. Damn you, bills and other necessary shit! Well… without further ado, here are, including, last week must have albums and their trial.


Bat will UnChain your Wings

So… if you’ve never heard of, It (Stephen King’s demonic clown) knows I haven’t, you might want after this album. Speed metal band, Bat released their latest album Wings of Chains on the 10th through Hell Headbangers Record. These Richmond natives produced an album that sounds like another groups of Richmonders, Municipal Waste with a mix of hardcore and old school heavy metal. From “Bloodhounds” all the way to the end, titled “Bat” you’ll be enjoying this album. Despite all the good this album is, it’s still rather unrefined. But, with that being said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. These guys seem to be on the beginning of a continuing roll and may one day surprise us with a defined breakthrough. Definitely worth keeping an eye out!

4 out of 6

bats album cover

Zirakzigil progresses with their latest

So, for any (if any) fellow metal heads that are part of the Fellowship, no, I am not talking about that plot of land by Mordor. These Portlanders remind those die hard Prog fans that Mastodon isn’t the only one out there with a stranglehold on the Hardcore Prog scene. Zirakzigil first released World Builder a couple months back via Bandcamp.com before Prosthetic Records re-released. At first glance, five tracks seemed miniscule. For often times, less tracks you think of an EP or a demo. Once you play this album, you’ll be reminded that Prog is a long but powerful plethora of sound range instrumentals. Even from the get go, die hard Mastodon fans will definitely enjoy this album the most because it fuses their signature sound with sludge and doom. From start to finish this album will make you crave this band. Be forewarned! If you’re not keen on long instrumentals, than this not something I would invest much time to. The average time on this album, overall, is a little over 12 minutes and the final track (the extra track, at that) is just a sci-fi sounding outro that is a little over 3 minutes long.

5 out of 6

zirakzigil cover

Scorpion Child latest will let you drop this Acid

Acid Roulette is the second installment of this Texan quintet. Acid Roulette will also as a reminder to why Austinites encourage its residents to keep Austin weird. This latest album may not be brutal metal AF (as this kids text nowadays… I wonder what it stands for?), but it sure has the legendary sounds reminiscent to that of Rainbow, Rush and Pentagram. This album is quite melodic and psychedelic and serves as a nice follow up from their previous self titled album. This album is, definitely, NOT for those looking for a brutal and hardcore sound but rather to mellow out to and if you ever wondered how Wolfmother would sound like if Andrew Stockdale’s vocals weren’t as high as they are and a bit heavier by comparison.

5 out of 6

scorpion child cover

You will erupt of joy with Magma (6/17/16)

Nine days shy of a complete four year hiatus, the French prog titans Gojira are back with their follow up album Magma. Listening to this brand new album totally feeds the overdue craving for some new Gojira. This album takes you back to their first breakthrough From Sirius to Mars mixed with the previous album L’Enfant Savauge. Mario and Joe Duplantier showed that sometimes producing a good album, while experimenting with sounds for melodic overtones with some old material, is exactly what can make or break an album. Depending on anyone’s feeling over Gojira, this album, in this Klown’s opinion, didn’t top its predecessor. The Klown says it matched it! But not by much. It was neither an improvement nor a decline. It’s still a really good album regardless of how it may have sounded.

5 out of 6


Nails nailed it!

The highly anticipated Nails album, You Will Never Be One Of Us, nails the exact dose of fast paced brutality and sounds that a metalhead and hardcore punker craves and seeks. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to pumping out noise for that pure shot of no nonsense adrenaline. From beginning to end, this album is the fast paced embodiment of brutality. Their lone slow songs, by comparison to the majority of their album such as “Violence is Forever” let’s the audience know that they slow down a bit for your enjoyment. The final track, appropriately titled, “They Come Crawling Back”, offers a new and lengthy twist to their usual MO and leaves you crawling back to this album for more. The self proclaimed kings of ultra violence, prove why they are deserving of their ultraviolent throne.

6 out of 6

nails album cover

All Album out and available now!

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