A Day To Remember bring you some Bad Vibrations

A Day To Remember has released their sixth studio album Bad Vibrations. For those WWE Network subscribers and aficionados, their first hit single “Paranoia” was featured as one the main theme songs for the company’s segment “WWE NXT Takeover: The End” back in June. Another fun fact the Klown dug up about this album was that rapper Rick Ross WOULD HAVE made an appearance on their track “Turn Off the Radio” but refused to collaborate with them because he was swayed by the rumors the band was in league with Stan. How unfortunate, I suppose. Their second big single was the opening track “Bad Vibrations” and takes back fans to memory lane when the band was under Eulogy Recordings. For those unaware of ADTR before now, they were very metalCORE; Emphasis on the core and the album is a mix of old and new.

4 out of 6, good but not the Klown’s cup of bourbon

ADTR Bad Vibrations

The album cover for A Day To Remember’s latest album “Bad Vibrations”

Kerasphorus Have Unleashed Their First Full Length Album

Angelcorpse fans rejoice, for the band is back but under the name Kerasphorus! To clarify the previous sentence, Kerasphorus released their self-titled debut album under the black metal banner as opposed to their usual death metal MO. The trio from Tampa, whether to let out some creative juices or probably moving on from the death metal genre, have released a kvlt album and it is quite brutal. The album is basically early Belphegor meets Angelcorpse, the tracks “Through the Spiral Void” and “Aesoth Paradigm” are the great testaments of that sound. “Disturb the Furthest Stars” and “Swarm Intelligensia” are great adrenaline fueled tracks that really capture the old school black metal with the help those killer riffs. Definitely worth giving it a good listen to, especially if you’re feeling kvlt or just want to fill in your black metal craving.

6 out of 6, LEGEDARY


Death Metal band Angelcorpse come back under a new moniker and dive in to black metal with their new band Kerasphorus.

Slomatics’ Future Is Now In the Present

The North Irish doom metal trio known as the Slomatics are back with their fifth studio album Future Echo Returns. And this new bad boy sounds heavy AF… in the literal sense and also has some prog influence incorporated. A great example of that union is the final track of the album, “Into the Eternal”. The track “Electric Wave” is a great track from the band and despite their sludge/doom sound, it definitely gives you a burst of energy to headbang and enjoy this current release. Although the album has two instrumental tracks that serve as intros for the latter, the blend of cinematic instrumentals for the track “Ritual Beginnings” serves as a perfect intro for the “Rat Chariot”. This album was definitely a gem, which The Klown was fortunate to stumble upon.

6 out of 6, It’ll be a legendary ride!


Slomatics return with their fifth album “Future Chaos Return”

Devin Townsend Continues to Transcend His Music Career with Current Release

Although Strapping Young Lad is never coming back, diehard fans know that Devin Townsend’s music genius knows no bounds. And Mr. Townsend didn’t disappoint one bit. Devin Townsend Project has released Transcendence to add a seventh album to their discography and became a whopping 17th album for Townsend himself. “Failure” is a great example of Townsend’s vocals as he switches his voice from a falsetto to baritone in this harmonic masterpiece. “Higher” and “Stars” sounded like they were tracks made for a soundtrack about some inspirational film. “Offer Your Light” gives off a little of Strapping Young Lad with a touch of synths and a harmonic chorus making the title of the track rightfully chosen. “Offer Your Light” along with the overall album, proves that there are no limits in music and it may just go above and beyond expectations with the right time and inspiration. Prog enthusiasts as well rockers will definitely have a ball with this album and this title speaks for itself.

6 out 6, LEGENDARY!  


Devin Townsend Project achieves and spreads enlightenment with their seventh studio album “Transcendence”

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