ABBATH… I Mean “About”

Because we are more interesting than that one date you took to that seedy bar in your hood and made her pay because she’s an independent woman, allow us to open up to you.  We are a pair of professional heathens who are bonded by blood! (But to save you that trip to Google translate it means we are siblings.)  Together, we are making the world a chaotic place one concert and ritual at a time. We slack hard and headbang harder!

But not all is fun and games in our dark fortress! When we are not rambling and criticizing stuff, we are professional adulthood wrestlers by day. After we’ve retrieved and gathered our decrepit limbs from adulthood’s jaws, we are headbang hard in the night. The purpose of our quest is to bring you the best music and dirt Seitan has to offer and to fill up your music library with  new bands/artist.

So hang on to your band tees, we’re going off the rails on this crazy train.. or the pit…whichever comes first!

-Jenny Oh & Chuggo the Klown

The Ugh Metal Phamily Photo.
(Pictured: The Lunacy, Jenny Oh and Chuggo the Klown)

Presented By Jenny Oh and Chuggo the Klown

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