ABBATH!!…I mean “About”

Because we are more interesting than that the object of your desires, allow us to open up to you since we know you are DYING to get to know us.  We are a pair of professional heathens who are bonded by blood! To save you that trip to Google translate it means we are siblings.  Together, we are making the world a chaotic place one concert and ritual at a time. We slack hard and headbang harder!

But not all is fun and games in our dark fortress! When we are not rambling and criticizing stuff, we are professional adulthood wrestlers by day. After we’ve retrieved and gathered our decrepit limbs from adulthood’s jaws, we are headbang hard in the night. The purpose of our quest is to bring you the best music and dirt Seitan has to offer and to fill up your music library with  new bands/artist.

So hang on to your band tees, we’re going off the rails on this crazy train.. or the pit…whichever comes first!

-Jenny Oh & Chuggo the Klown

Jenny Oh

The caffeinated ball of anxiety known as Jenny Oh is the first half of the disasterpiece. She is the editor in chief of your screams and every intern’s nightmare. Jenny Oh boasts about her time in the now defunct in UPN where she gathered her all her experience as the coffee girl and is applying to this outlet. But not everything is snob and games with this one, when Jenny Oh isn’t shoving people in shows  likes long walks in the biergartens because she likes nature and junk. Jenny Oh is a firm believer in gay bigfoot and she knows the muffin man.

Chuggo the Klown

The second half of this disaster piece is Chuggo the Klown. Chuggo attended the coveted Klown Kollege and was a former clown in the now defunct NSFW circus Railing Bros. After Chuggo literally “lost” his way to the circus, Chuggo still swears the ringleader must have accidently left him behind because the Klown was the star attraction… Anyway, the Klown attempted to find a new purpose and new calling and with that, he attempted his hand at doing what he did best in the circus which was stripping right before a career ending injury forced him to quit prematurely. Chuggo eventually took his trusty keg and went home to reunite with his salty, deadbeat sister, Jenny Oh, to focus on their true passion: Metal. Albums, concerts and new up-and-coming talent local and afar within the metal genre.

Collective Shenanigans