Yung & In Da Way: SD Metal Swap Meet Entry # 666

Entry #6

After a nice shopping day under the San Diego sun, a dope ass band called Jag Panzer came on stage and killed it with a amazing show. Jag Panzer rocked the whole swap meet and they were the perfect closers for the day. I thought what better band to close this event? I am not going to lie, I was fucking rocking out and I really did enjoy it very much. I was feeling the music just like how I feel rap but I mean rap is and will forever be my number one. But to be real with you guys, I had one of the best times I have ever had in a long time.

Jag Panzer made the Yung thug join the darkside for a bit.

I wish the hip hop or the rap scene had some cool events like this but sadly I haven’t seen any but overall, I enjoyed every minute. I walked in there and worked my ass off under the sun and met some dope and badass people who I didn’t even know were on this planet. Well aside from me of course.


This one is for you guys. You guys need to get out there see new things, try new things, meet new people and don’t be closed minded about music. Music is art. Why focus on one art piece knowing there are many more to pick from? It’s so crazy but I can’t wait to go next year and fuck shit up again! Have a cold beer with you homies while you enjoy the music along with the stands and the cool crazy shit.

Be more like the funny dudes from Critical Madness Productions.

After a long day of walking and buying all kinds of crazy cool things, I got to meet some amazing and sweet people. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WERE KOOL TO ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS!!! I SEE YOU!

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