The Trials of February 3

Black Star Riders Start February with Some ‘Heavy Fire’

Thin Lizzy fans will tell you right off the bat who these guys are. Why you ask? Because it’s the majority of Thin Lizzy but under the new name. With that said, these gents have released their third installment titled Heavy Fire under Nuclear Blast Records. This album was good and gives the hard rocker in you the fix it needs for some classics with a fresher take. I dunno if the Riders spy on the Klown or not but “Dancing with the Wrong Girl” was basically the story of the Klown’s life. On a serious note regarding the song, it mixes old 70’s blues rock with the modern rhythmic hard rock sounds. The Klown definitely dug “Who Rides the Tiger,” it was great and has Scott Gorham’s legendary riffs and solos times 2. Need a modern day love montage of a song? The Riders got you covered with “Cold War Love.” “Ticket to Rise” gives you a bit of hard country rock with a female chorus as back up. The Riders also add an extra track to the mix titled “Fade,” which follows that same style of “Ticket…,” but with a dominant rock element.

5 out of 6, This album is FIRE


Nailed To Obscurity Make a Return Fit for a ‘King’

Nailed To Obsucity, who named themselves after the Klown’s upcoming bio, have returned to the masses with a third album titled King Delusion via Apostasy Records. The titled of this album also happens to be the name of the first chapter off of the Klown’s tale but enough about the Klown! The German quintet produced a mellow record as far as death metal goes which you can also check this bad boy out through their bandcamp. The first track “King Delusion” will feature both mellowness and then a brief death metal heaviness that can be associated with Dark Tranquility. The tracks “Momento” and “Devoid” took the Klown back to memory lane and reminded him of classic Arch Enemy when Johan Liiva was on vocals. “Uncage My Sanity” was awesome and melodic AF and really invoked those Dark Tranquility vibes but if Mikael Stanne ditched the clean vocals. “Desolate Ruin” is great closer and features an awesome melodic solo to make a smooth wrap.

5 out of 6, Long Live  the ‘Delusion’  

nailed to obscurity

Horisont Bring Back the Sounds of the Counter Culture

Have you ever wanted to experience the sounds synonymous with Woodstock or the 70s? To the veteran rocker reading this, would you like to hear the sounds again but in a newer and crisp fashion? Good news, Horisont have returned with a brand new album titled About Time through Century Media Records! This Swedish quintet will get you far out and in to a simpler but psychedelic territory. “The Hive” kicks off this journey and is a good track that sets the tone for this aforementioned journey that the Klown speaks of. “Electric” strikes right after the first track charging this odyssey by upping the tempo morphing to a catchy hard rock song. Though “Letare” is faster, it still maintains its trippiness unlike “Electric.” The current single, “About Time,” is by far the mellowest track of the whole album that builds up towards a big finish and was appropriately chosen as the final track of the album. The Klown recommends this album for those who legitimately enjoy the classics from the 60s and 70s and Scorpion Child.

3 out of 6, Heathen flower children rejoice


Iron Reagan Have Made a Congregation in the Name of Crossover

While the Klown and others like him wait for a new Municipal Waste album, Tony Foresta and Phillip “Land Phil” Hall provide a great buffer in the form of Iron Reagan. Their third installment Crossover Ministry has finally been released through Relapse Records and it’s fucking awesome. “Dead With My Friends” is not only one of the Klown’s favorite track but it’s also true to the spirit of Crossover. “Condition Evolution” is more of a hardcore punk song but most importantly it will induce uncontrollable moshing. Yes, it’s that kind of awesome. Remember how the Klown spoke about a Municipal Waste album? The greatest substitute Iron Reagan provides for this Muni Waste drought is “Fuck the Neighbors” and “More War.” Not only are these two tracks awesome but they also have the humor Muni Waste is known for. This album was awesome and fun as hell. Highly recommended for punk and metal heads  and those that love the Crossover subgenre and hardcore punk!

6 out of 6, YES


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