The Hatchet Job of September 25- September 30

September 25:

Megadeth Shred In “Conquer Or Die!”

These legends show off their skills in their new music video for their instrumental track “Conquer Or Die!” and man, do they conquer!  The acoustic melody the band’s lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro are both soothing and haunting, slowly pulling you into Dave Mustaine’s heavy riffs and into a friggin’ journey. Though this video consists of concert footage and  shots of the members under good lighting, it’s a nice video to kick back and relax.


September 26

There Is No Stopping This Bio Crisis

Bio Crises have unleashed their new single titled “Nuestros Ojos” (Our Eyes). Not to brag but, we here at Ugh Metal were treated to the live version AND debut of this brand spankin’ new track in the Asesino show ( You peasants…I mean, you fine people can all experience this killer new track NOW! These hooligans from Tijuana are hard at work on their upcoming full length album and “Nuestros Ojos” can be downloaded for free or you can help these bruddas out by donating to their cause and help them spread la revolución sooner and fund their upcoming album.

Sick artwork for Bio Crisis's new single "Nuestros  Ojos" (Our Eyes)
Sick artwork for Bio Crisis’s new single “Nuestros Ojos” (Our Eyes)


September 27

Iron Maiden’s Got You Covered For Halloween

Seriously though! If you’ve finally grown weary of dressing up like one of the fellas from Slipknot and you feel like you have to stay metal instead of slutty for Halloween, Iron Maiden has a new collection of Eddie masks and even a full costume set. You can now live the dream and be Maiden’s beloved mascot for only $59.99! And yes, I’m sure you can werk that sexy Eddie costume bb.

Stay metal this Halloween with these officially licensed Iron Maiden Masks.
Stay metal this Halloween with these officially licensed Iron Maiden Masks.


September 28

Babymetal Will Be THE Metal Defenders In Digital Series

The Japanese pop metal trio will team up with Warner Bros. digital studio Blue Ribbon Content and Amuse Inc. to protect and serve metal in a new semi-animated series. The basic details the studio has released is the following:

“The action-adventure will take viewers inside the magical world of heavy metal music as it comes under attack, and one lonely god, Kitsune, forms the warrior band Babymetal to save the day. In the series, Su-Metal, YuiMetal and MoaMetal join together to ultimately redefine the genre.”

These ladies will star in the series both in live action and animated format and will feature a new performance and will fight off the evil that threatens metal and I can already feel the hate flow through you. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. A premiere date has not been announced yet so stay tuned for more deets.

Babymetal will be THE metal defenders in semi animated series.
Babymetal will be THE metal defenders in semi animated series.


September 29

The Sorceress Cometh A Day Before Its Release

The wait is over for Opeth’s highly anticipated album… well sort of. These Prog titans treated eager fans by streaming the Sorceress a day before its September 30 release. Let me just say, even though I’m not crazy about Prog and am a picky AF listener, the Sorceress is very enchanting to say the least. Well played Opeth, well played.

Opeth has mercy on fans and stream full album a day before its release.
Opeth has mercy on fans and stream full album a day before its release.


September 30

Mac Sabbath Will Have You Craving For More

Theses self proclaimed “drive thru metal” pioneers bring an exclusive and filling performance to Chicago’s Treehouse Records Studio. These McDonaldland rejects treat viewers to “Lord of the Swirled,” “Organic Funeral,” and “Zipping Up The Uniform.” Move over Ozzy, its Ronald Osbourne’s turn to shine!

*No hamburgers were harmed in the making of these videos*

Check out the rest of performances at:

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